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Acne Studios

HEAT are excited to announce Acne Studios will be featured in our The Contemporary Box, from 28th February. Expect to find Acne Studios’ signature items including its cashmere scarves, FACE beanies, tote bags as well as a selection of denims including trash jeans.

In the lead up to the drop, we will reveal a selection of 100+ potential combinations available in the Contemporary box featuring Acne Studios. These have been developed by our curation team to highlight the styling capabilities of Acne Studios' denim, knitwear and other signature pieces.

About Acne Studios

Acne Studios are a Stockholm-based luxury fashion brand who specialise in ready-to-wear luxury clothing and accessories.

Founder and Creative Director Jonny Johansen’s interest in art, photography and architecture have helped define the brand image since being founded in 1996 as ACNE, with the brand being minimalistic yet bold through the use of colours. 

Originally the name “ACNE” was an acronym for “Associated Computer Nerd Enterprises”, yet this was later changed to stand for “Ambition to Create Novel Enterprises”. Acne Studios then separated from ACNE in 2006 to become its own standalone company.

Acne Studios’ iconic straight-expressionless face logo has become a staple part of the brand’s aesthetic since its inception in 2017. Joahnsen said “We were doing a fitting for a show and we didn't have a bag — you always have to have a bag when you do a show. So I took a piece of paper and I drew this Swedish guy. Instead of a smiley, I drew a square face from a straight line and two dots for eyes, and that's how it came to be”.

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