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C.P. Company

C.P. Company are the Italian sportswear brand founded by Massimo Osti in 1971, who combine sportswear, military clothing and workwear into their products, with the most recognisable and now signature products containing goggles, from jackets to beanies, but also known for their garment dyeing techniques and craftsmanship in their products. Massimo Osti is also founder of Stone Island, initially as a second line to C.P. Company.

For the first time, C.P. Company will now be included in HEAT Streetwear boxes, which will include cargo pants and shorts, goggle jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies and utility overshirts, to name a few. The next streetwear drop is April 25th, so sign up for notifications for the first drop to include C.P Company products.

About C.P. Company

In 1971 C.P. Company was founded by Massimo Osti in Italy under the name Chester Perry.

Osti and his collaborators pioneered the process of garment dyeing. This involved taking white or raw un-coloured fabric and dyeing the garment after it had been created, rather than at the beginning of the creation process. As of today around 70% of every C.P. Company collection is garment dyed.

C.P. Company’s now iconic goggle jacket was first created in 1988, after utilising lenses in the Explorer jacket in 1987 whilst also working in other goggle-inspired prototypes throughout the same year. Another lens was added to the wrist so that the wearer could also see their watch.

Originally designed to be used for outdoor expeditions, the C.P. Company goggles often found in the brand’s jackets, beanies and more are now as much a statement as they are functional.

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